PS : This case study was made before WhatsApp Payments actually launched in India.

There are a lot of online Payment solutions in the market. Apps like Google Pay, PhonePe and Paytm have quite effectively acquired the fintech market. …

Few screens from the app

By degree I’ll be an Petroleum Engineer, but that’s not what I want to pursue as my career. I was always passionate about designing and in order to pursue it as my career I need to have a portfolio consisting of case studies and my design work.

So I took…

Calorie tracking and water tracking are very popular use cases today. Water intake is in fact very important. Just a 2% decrease in body water levels has been found to decrease athletic performance by as much as 60% and cognitive performance by as much as 50%.

Design a water intake…

Problem Statement:


Acme is a fast-growing company that is adding employees and workspace at a very fast pace. They are doubling every year both in terms of employees and workspace. …

these are just iterations

After interning at Invoid (YC W21) and few other early startups as a solo designer, I got a chance to intern at goDutch. goDutch helps users to record, split, and automatically settle group transactions such as rent payments, travel, shopping, dine out, home delivery, etc.

Read more at:

WHY I decided to join goDutch ?


This was a task assigned to me as a part of product design internship at FamPay (YC W20). Time allotted was 3 days. I had my exams in between hence could barely give 2 days.

How I planned my 3-day Assignment

Day 1 : Conducting User Research (talking to Gen-Z),Lo-Fi…

Intro screen of droog

India has a huge ed-tech driven market. The ed-tech market is calculated to be valued at $2.8 bn and is growing at a rate of 3.7x. Most of the ed-tech companies in India emphasis on hiring top-class(renowned) teachers to teach to students.

I had an opportunity to work on my…

Shrey Bhagat

Product Designer and Motion Design Enthusiast

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